Digital Fairness - The Infringement removal Tool

With the development of new technologies a flood of user generated content and copyright-infringements is on the rise. 
Can a Digital Rights Management system be the solution ?

based on the idea of the mechanical turk in combination with an intelligent algoritm we developed The Digital Fairness Project  

So how does The Infringement Removal Tool work ?

In case of suspected IP infringement any digital file can be uploaded for analysis.

Upload: 3DData 
File A
my phony removal

File Infringement Analysis  processing slight Infringement-removal Continue processing severe Infringement-removal

Outcome: Original 3Ddata file replaced

more examples


game of infringement removal
suspected file upload

step 1 analysis and removal

outcome datafile:  infringement removed

With the further development of intelligent algoritms the proces can be used to automatically remove infringements within user generated content.

-this project is for conceptual artistic purposes and still under development-

For more information/demonstrations etc please contact or send your files for analysis

WORKS: MORE in Progress