the pink scorpion of piracy

Pirates and Games
I've been doing some research on DRM and gaming and came across some interesting ways of dealing with piracy.

Like climate change people are still arguing what the cause and effect is and as a result there is no magic potion available yet to convince either side of the debate. 

Plenty of research available that backs up any side you choose....so what now !? In times of uncertainty and confusion... legal and creative people thrive !

Some (past) tactics:
  • DRM your game unstable
May seem like a good idea but may cause bad word of mouth. Pirates who review can accuse your game of being crashy. Also potential players might decide to try (read pirate) before they buy and low and behold it is indeed crashy (while the legit version would not be, but they will never know will they !?) Other problems arise when users get burnt by DRM measures because it's hard to make something that only targets pirates. (think EA sims online gaming disaster,limited amount of installations etc )

Some more creative ways:
(3Dprinted works inspired by this question)
  • Humor as defense: the Gmod approach
  • An undefeatable enemy that only appears in the pirated version a.k.a. Giant Pink Scorpions ?

Fact remains that some people will, some people won't so is there a solution ?
Learning from the music industry/being defensive and aggressive to (potential) users might not prove to be the best strategy.

I think education is still a key element to making people aware why it's important to respect, give credit and pay for other people's labour. And obviously making awesome games people are just happy to pay for helps too  !
Looking forward to future discussions about these issues.

Not looking forward to this change of tactics on DRM: machines with built in GPS tracking...read more on it at techdirt 
This is a pretty severe threat to privacy and freedom. What are they thinking !? Well at least with my GPS enhanced design you will always know where you've put it...your brain that is.


...The person who owns the machine brain,has discovered that if he moves it at all, a GPS and gyro sensor package in the machine brain automatically shuts it down and will not allow it to restart until they receive a manufacturer's unlock code. This seems to be a requirement of the US government, and is designed to prevent machines brains being sent to Iran in violation of the embargo placed on that country. more at Boingboing

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