3D printing the death of IP ?


Is 3D printing going to be the end of Intellectual Property Rights -as we know it- ?

I have been doing legal and artistic research on disruptive technology for a while now and do seriously consider this may be the case. Seeing as it becomes easier and cheaper every day with new technology to copy/scan and 3D print your own Autocadmade ThingiverseFound or copied Disneydesigns. All in the (illusion of) privacy of your own home, a fablab or via commercial companies such as Shapeways and Imaterialise. What disruptive effect will this have on businessmodels, consumer behaviour and our sense of aesthetics and ethics !?


To be continued: explorations through art, thought and disruptions: in order to stimulate discussion/awareness and curiosity. 

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Digital Fairness - The Infringement removal Tool

With the development of new technologies a flood of user generated content and copyright-infringements is on the rise. 
Can a Digital Rights Management system be the solution ?

based on the idea of the mechanical turk in combination with an intelligent algoritm we developed The Digital Fairness Project  

So how does The Infringement Removal Tool work ?

In case of suspected IP infringement any digital file can be uploaded for analysis.

Upload: 3DData 
File A
my phony removal

File Infringement Analysis  processing slight Infringement-removal Continue processing severe Infringement-removal

Outcome: Original 3Ddata file replaced

more examples


game of infringement removal
suspected file upload

step 1 analysis and removal

outcome datafile:  infringement removed

With the further development of intelligent algoritms the proces can be used to automatically remove infringements within user generated content.

-this project is for conceptual artistic purposes and still under development-

For more information/demonstrations etc please contact or send your files for analysis

WORKS: MORE in Progress