le droit d'author remastered

Doing some research on The legal(hi)story behind these images that have (had) such an impact on our visual culture. These discussions on the (mis) use of copyright by the big bad corporations is starting to make me nervous and suspicious of hidden agenda's. If we 'educate' the masses on the negative consequences of copyright protection so that they will give up this' right' doesn't this leave artists and inventors and people who just love to create stuff......unprotected and vulnerable to have their work just taken and commercialised without being able to do anything against it !?
Somehow I fear that there is something more at stake than the war against locking up and making too much money of content that should be available for others to enjoy.
Maybe I'm just not convinced that we should give up on le droit d'author so easily.

digitally remastered and mesh works

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