"Erased de Kooning Drawing, Robert Rauschenberg, 1953

The attitude that nature is chaotic and that the artist puts order into it is a very absurd point of view, I think. All that we can hope for is to put some order into ourselves.
— Willem de Kooning
Robert Rauschenberg
Erased de Kooning Drawing
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

"the ability to conceive failure as progress."

 In Robert Rauschenberg 1953 asked Willem de Kooning if he could erase one of his drawings as an act of art.

To Whom It May Concern:
The white paintings came first;
my silent piece came later.

                                               -John Cage

recoding Rauschenberg,

is about that act and the notion of originality and what art and the artist should be that lingers in the writing and applications of copyright law. Especially

17 U.S. Code § 106A - Rights of certain authors to attribution and integrity




data surveillance and data satisfaction

How do you sleep at night ?

a look at the political becoming personal and how surveillance can become a private matter of satisfaction.


 from http://electionstudies.org//nesguide/graphs/g7a_1_2.htm

For politics and CEO's satisfying the uncontrollable, addictive desire for power through control.


WIP code//gender

Artistic project and thoughts on the architects of the web and the CODE//D language used. 

gender as data...

nipple the illegal pixel
Online worlds and digital tools allow people to create and re-shape their own identity and sexuality
which seems to be no longer confined to literally a box (male/female) to fill.
Gender definitions are shape-shifting online.

However the female form in 3D and DATA has also turned into something explicit and illegal !?        

censor art

Can this be related to this Research on Google machinelearning...that seems to show us the face of the standard internet-use...a.k.a. very white and very male and if so
Computer automated evolution turned the computer gaze on persons, what would they make of gender ?

persondata modifications

Can we assume that the computer gaze is neutral...or if not; how does this effect  
the freedom to not be defined by the profiled boxes coded. 

- more on this WIP//savesex//as soon -

the copyriots 2014 savesex//as

filed under project by the copyriots


CODEBABY//ON visual essay

Homo Ludens himself will seek to transform, to recreate, those surroundings, that world, according to his new needs. The exploration and creation of the environment will them happen to coincide because, in creating his domain to explore, Homo Ludens will apply himself to exploring his own creation. Thus we will be present at an uninterrupted process of creation and re-creation, sustained by a generalized creativity that is manifested in all domains of activity.
New Babylon, A nomadic town




visualize the book


the creations and play that represent the theory: 
ever changing re-creating and overwriting the world man creates for himself
a necessity to maintain it's freedom

New Babylon is the work of the New Babylonians alone, the product of their culture. For us, it is only a model of reflection and play.
(Written by Constant, for the exhibition catalogue published by the Haags Gemeetenmuseum, The Hague, 1974.)


RE(AL) Appropriation

Who owns the ideas that are in your head !?

An image says more than a thousand words is something companies rely heavily on to make sure that we conjure up their products whenever we see their brand. This association is something they work hard for to establish, by investing in advertising, product placement, research and the use of social media. Public and private space is filled with commercial imagery that is the property of...

Good artists borrow, great artists...need a good defense because

Unauthorized use of space and an invasion of everyday life
 leads to
Unintentional infringement of these commercial claims of ownership.

Don't be surprised or quick to cease and desist when people use it as part of their visual vocabulary.  It's what people do: we learn through copying. The problem is the freedom to express is more and more challenged if we accept this notion of proprietary rights on public domain, the intangible and data.

TM|Till death

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