RE(AL) Appropriation

Who owns the ideas that are in your head !?

An image says more than a thousand words is something companies rely heavily on to make sure that we conjure up their products whenever we see their brand. This association is something they work hard for to establish, by investing in advertising, product placement, research and the use of social media. Public and private space is filled with commercial imagery that is the property of...

Good artists borrow, great artists...need a good defense because

Unauthorized use of space and an invasion of everyday life
 leads to
Unintentional infringement of these commercial claims of ownership.

Don't be surprised or quick to cease and desist when people use it as part of their visual vocabulary.  It's what people do: we learn through copying. The problem is the freedom to express is more and more challenged if we accept this notion of proprietary rights on public domain, the intangible and data.

TM|Till death

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