WIP code//gender

Artistic project and thoughts on the architects of the web and the CODE//D language used. 

gender as data...

nipple the illegal pixel
Online worlds and digital tools allow people to create and re-shape their own identity and sexuality
which seems to be no longer confined to literally a box (male/female) to fill.
Gender definitions are shape-shifting online.

However the female form in 3D and DATA has also turned into something explicit and illegal !?        

censor art

Can this be related to this Research on Google machinelearning...that seems to show us the face of the standard internet-use...a.k.a. very white and very male and if so
Computer automated evolution turned the computer gaze on persons, what would they make of gender ?

persondata modifications

Can we assume that the computer gaze is neutral...or if not; how does this effect  
the freedom to not be defined by the profiled boxes coded. 

- more on this WIP//savesex//as soon -

the copyriots 2014 savesex//as

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