A talk on expectations of privacy.

Do pervasive and intrusive technologies such as the use of camera drones for sur- and sousveillance threaten the value of public space for society and our democracy ? 

New technological developments and our tendency to shrug of their impact may cause a radical loss of privacy in public space. Public space through our loss of privacy and continuous privitization may be transformed in such a way that it can no longer function as a place for democratic actions.



onGender assumptions in CODE

seems that the STANDARD HUMAN in software is not so standard at all
How normal is DEFAULT  ?
question the settings

The collapse

How MakeHuman became a metaphor. If we put the male structure into the female form it collapses.

If we do not see the beliefs, assumptions and stereotypes coded into the software, how are we to question them or can we prevent the shape that we have been given collapsing  ?

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