WP Privacy of Plants

TOOL: GMO Encryption and Botanical surgery

A genetically modified organism (GMO) is any organism whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques. 

In 1971, the first debate over the risks to humans of exposure to GMOs began when a common intestinal microorganism, E. coli, was infected with DNA from a tumor-inducing virus. 
Initially, safety issues were a concern to individuals working in laboratories with GMOs, as well as nearby residents. 
However, later debate arose over concerns that recombinant organisms might be used as weapons. 

This has led to these GMO-plants becoming targets of violent attacks and discrimination. Their privacy is under threat because of their GMO-Identity. 

We do not only need to protect GMO Plant Targets, we can also learn how Plant DNA can be changed to enhance Plant Privacy Protection !

We are testing ways of encrypting the Plant's DNA.
- for TargetPlant to change its Appereance and/or Identicy
- for TargetPlant to gain powers to protect itself
- for TargetPlant to alter its fingerprint, which is necessary after recent government funded research on botanical barcoding.

“Identification is important - it is the link between a given plant and the accumulated information available for that species. It is not possible to know if a plant is common or rare, poisonous or edible, being traded legally or illegally etc., unless it can be identified,” said one of the researchers,

We are indeed very excited about the future of this type of Botanical surgery to improve the Privacy of Plants. 
Which proves all the more important as new technologies emerge that threaten the privacy of plants !

"There are researchers around the world and diverse users of plant identification who are eager to get started.”

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