Privacy through MIMICRY

Using similarity of one species to another which protects one or both. Mimics are found in the same areas as their models, So the best way to be private is to blend.

Blending as a tool not to be seen, Blending as a tool not to stand out

Blend appearance, behaviour, sound, scent or location.

examples of plants blending approaches

here we have our Target mimic its environment:

Here we have our Target mimic other subjects to avoid identification.

Bee orchid flower resembles a female bee  to attract males in search of a mate

Here we have our Target trying to blend in 

Crabgrass is a light green, weedy grass that can appear in summer.

These are some possible ways in which plants under target may try

 to protect their privacy and/ or mask their identity


We are now working on ways to strengthen the Privacy of Plants


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